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bower cigarette lighter.

hello, My mother gave me a bag full of stuff awhile ago that was my grandfathers and inside was a cigarette lighter with the name Bower on it so I looked it up on the internet so here I am. It was made in Kalamazoo, MI. just trying to find out about it. thanks for your time. Jamie Shaw

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Hi Shaw,

I actually bought one of these lighters off of eBay this past year. I posted a note about Bowers related stuff which I found on eBay. I had an email exchange with Tim Bowers from Kalamazoo, Michigan told me about his father John J Bowers the son of Earnest Bowers who invented the Bowers Cigarette Lighter. He told me about the fire which destroyed the Bowers Manufacturing in Comstock Michigan but that I could still find some on eBay. Old style WWII trench lighters. They were pretty popular back in WWII. See page

-Ray admin

thanks ray for the response. Kinda cool being from Michigan and having really a piece of history. cool lighter pretty good shape for its age. thanks again. jamie

I'm not sure who Tim Bowers is, but Earnest Bowers had a son named Fredrick who had a son named Jon who had four more sons and daughter, which is me, Sydney Bowers :) My dad, Jon, still runs Bowers Manufacturing, but they now manufacture aluminum products in Portage (which is right by Kalamazoo, MI)
The URL below goes to the history page of their website (which unfortunately got cut down a lot when they re-did it, but it still gives an abridged version)

My mom used to be an avid collector of the lighters from ebay but now only buys them if they are especially unique

Hi Sydney, My dad, John J Bowers would have been your great uncle. Earnest Bowers Sr. had 6 children. Hortense born in 1906, Fred who was born in 1912, Connie who was born in 1914,Earnie jr. who was born in 1916, Robert who was born in 1920 and my dad John or Jack as he was known, was born in 1923. My middle name comes from your dad's spelling of his first name Jon. My mom, liked the way it was spelled.My grandma on my mom's side has compiled a geneaology of sorts that she had worked on for years before her death. I used to go by Bowers Manufacturing all the time when I worked at Upjohn now Pfizer.The original Bowers Lighter building on West Willard in Kalamazoo is still there ,however, the Water Street Coffee Joint has purchased it and painted it blue and they store their coffee there.The Bowers Machine shop in Plainwell is gone also.
God bless